I’ve reported on a wide range of topics, from business…

  • a Nigerian-American man who became a successful entrepreneur to redeem his father’s tragically unfinished legacy
  • an island rum company that’s grown across the Southeast despite lacking a single bridge or road to the mainland
  • the inside story behind the creation of Hamburger Helper’s now-infamous viral trap mixtape

…to sports:

  • the startup-like blueprint behind the creation of MLS newcomer Atlanta United FC
  • a pair of twins driving the hopes of the Australian women’s national ultimate team at the 2016 world championships
  • an Atlanta-based nonprofit breaking down racial and socioeconomic barriers through soccer

From investigative work…

  • a look into the shady new world of fake resumes, professional interviewees, and other job-seeker scams
  • an award-winning Medill Justice Project investigation of a woman potentially wrongfully convicted of first-degree reckless homicide
    • update (02/19): Jennifer Hancock is now seeking a new trial in Dane County, Wisconsin

…to personal essays:

  • spending my first month in New York City living in the Airbnb from hell
  • losing my childhood home-away-from-home to Atlanta’s development and urban sprawl
  • my weekly Inc.com advice column on workplace issues from the perspective of a young employee

I’ve edited thousands of Inc.com op-eds–literally–and the daily email newsletter Inc. This Morning (which I now write). I’ve also edited multiple fiction novels, pitches/proposals, and countless other forms of writing.