Inc. Uncensored Podcast Appearances

My appearances on Inc. Uncensored, the weekly podcast about entrepreneurs, startups, and cool companies:

Discussing Google’s latest flap: When the search giant attempted to set up an A.I. ethics council, nothing went as planned. (4/12/19)

Breaking down Apple’s big 2019 presentation: For years, the tech giant has relied on iPhone sales for a considerable portion of its revenue, but those sales are slowing. The announcements of Apple TV Plus, Apple News Plus, Apple Arcade, and Apple Card signify a potentially huge pivot. The company’s expected new strategy contains lessons for all entrepreneurs. (3/29/19)

Examining Google’s fascinating announcement that it has studied its employee compensation from 2018 and–bizarrely–has been underpaying a portion of its male workforce. The company announced it is spending $10 million to correct the issue, but is there a larger strategy at work? (3/8/19)

Discussing the new generation of black entrepreneurs rising in Atlanta. the challenges they’ve had to go through to get started, and the self-perpetuating startup ecosystem they’re working to create. (2/15/19)

Giving the lowdown on flu season etiquette, also known as “how to tell your obviously sick colleagues to go home, nicely.” Turns out, a company with sick workers loses more money than if those employees took the day off. (2/1/19)

Explaining the lessons that small business should glean from Netflix’s bold–but not entirely unexpected–price increase. (1/25/19)

Discussing Gillette’s audacious branding campaign and extrapolating lessons in online marketing from the record-breaking Instagram egg. The past week is only the beginning for “wild advertising season”–after all, the Super Bowl is just around the corner. (1/18/19)

Taking listeners inside the doors of the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, to explore some of the year’s most innovative gadgets and technologies, thanks to fresh reporting from columnist Elizabeth Gore. Also, an examination of the show’s perennial issues with gender diversity and sexism. (1/11/19)

Exploring the violent protests happening in Chandler, Arizona. Residents are angry that Waymo, Google’s self-driving car project, launched a pilot program for its autonomous vehicles in the area without asking them, prompting them to throw rocks at the cars, The New York Times reports. (1/4/19)

Discussing the rise in articles outlining the best morning routines. When Inc. shared a piece from June 2017 arguing that the most successful people wake up at 4 a.m., famed author J.K. Rowling tweeted, “Oh, piss off.” (12/21/18)