SLIDESHOW: College Football Hall of Fame Preview

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    The College Football Hall of Fame, formerly of South Bend, Indiana, is set to open next to Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park on August 23.
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    Viewers get their first glimpse of the museum's full-on dive into interactivity as they enter the building alongside shadowy silhouettes running onto the field.
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    There are 768 helmets on this prominently featured wall, one from every college with a football team at any level. When you register as a visitor, your college of choice will light up and remain that way for the duration of your visit.
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    The turf on the 45-yard indoor field sure looks pretty. In terms of quality? Let's just say you might not want to actually play football on it.
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    One of the hall's most popular destinations will surely be the skills challenge section on the indoor field, where kids and adults alike can emulate their college favorites.
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    The hall's mascot Fumbles is a bundle of energy and fun. Why does he wear number 51? He won't say!
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    The first thing visitors see upstairs is the interactive media wall. Press your pass against it, wait for the wall to recognize your RFID chip, and watch as content of your favorite team is displayed - no matter how big or small your school is.
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    The prize collection is predictably impressive, led by versions of the Heisman and the new College Football Playoff trophy.
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    Almost every exhibit has at least one interactive feature. Here, one fan is designing his own halftime marching band show - and then seeing it in action.
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    The hall isn't just for players. The game's greatest coaches are also honored, along with a few noteworthy coaching legacies passed down at schools from generation to generation.
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    What's a legendary coach without a legendary pithy quote?
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    Visitors can ask Hall of Fame players about life as a college football star, from the field to the classroom to many things in between.
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    What would a museum be without historical artifacts, like some of the most evolutionary playbooks in the game?
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    See how you measure up next to former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton. Hint: He looks smaller in person than he does on television, but he's still bigger than you.
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    Equipment has evolved tremendously over the years, from helmets to pads to cleats to uniforms.
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    Your RFID tag will pull up your team's biggest rivalry - or, if your school has a more storied history, multiple rivalries from which to choose.
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    Some hallways also function as exhibits, like this reminder of football's evolutionary nature.
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    Finally, on the third floor, viewers reach the Hall of Fame itself, where the names of the greats are enshrined. It's got some neat interactive features too, but we won't give EVERYTHING away!

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Cameron Albert-Deitch // Atlanta magazine

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